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"Why is Facebook so Important?"

Facebook is here to stay and is an essential part of a Veterinary Practice’s Online Marketing Strategy.

By increasing your Facebook reach, you are penetrating into the social media lives of your clients and developing an emotional bond with your Facebook fans. A successful Facebook page of a veterinary practice is really more like a small community than just a business Facebook page.

Facebook is Public relation that you control yourselves - it allows you to reach new audiences, to target the right demographics and to captivate those potential new clients in your area.

In a ‘nutshell’, why should we do Facebook & Email Newsletters?

• Reach your clients on a regular basis
• Increase overall client loyalty
• Reach and captivate new audiences
• Convert your new audience into real clients
• Be informative by promoting disease awareness and advocating for animal welfare

• Take care of your image as a modern, reliable and compassionate practice
• Transmit credibility and attribute value to your services
• Increase brand awareness
• Strengthen your relationship with your clients
• Increase the profitability of your practice

The answers to the Questions we are frequently asked.

The person who is doing your practice’s Facebook (a nurse, a vet, a receptionist or a practice manager) might be doing a good job. However Facebook can be demanding and time consuming. It will inevitable take time off his or her regular duties.
That person will be essential to the success of the page, providing local content, news and views but by working in partnership we can greatly enhance the presence of your page and make it work financially for the practice, without you or your staff having to sacrifice time and effort to make that happen!

It’s not that you can’t, it’s probably that you haven’t got the time!
We post relevant Veterinary posts, ‘funny posts’ & original content, with everything written by a Vet.
Think of it like having a ‘captive vet’ …. be honest …. we all know how hard it is to pin a Vet down to write a Vet Column, let alone write Facebook Content !

Very little!
We provide you with professionally designed posters, flyers & adverts to advertise your Facebook Page.
You will have the support of our Client Care manager for any questions, comments or just want to ’bounce an idea’ off someone!

All we ask of you, is that one person in your practice is the ‘Facebook Co-Ordinator’ who will bring that Local feel to the page, and be our point of contact.

By increasing your Facebook reach, you are penetrating into the ‘social’ lives of your clients. Facebook will allow you to reach new audiences, target the right demographics and captivate those potential new clients in your area.
One practice we work with has recruited for the last 8 roles in practice via Facebook, saving more than £3,500 on the usual local newspaper adverts (paying for our services for the next 3 years!). We can also give you another practical example. Let’s say it’s a vet that is doing your practice’s Facebook. How much time does that vet spends per week doing it? How much would the practice earn if that time was spent with clients and appointments? We invite you to do the math!

Our App’s allow a practice to run competitions (e.g.: photo of the month, Christmas competitions, etc.) capturing Page LIKES and a record of names, phone numbers & email addresses, both of the entrants & the voters, giving a database to use in future marketing promotions & offers.
The App’s come with full terms & conditions & privacy policy – we cover all bases – taking the worry & legality away from the practice.
We guarantee your ‘Page Likes’, and more importantly your ‘Page Reach will increase dramatically!  

The working relationship between the Practice and Vet Inflow is crucial to the success of the Facebook page:
Nominate the contact person/social media co-ordinator at the practice It’s very important that this co-ordinator posts about ‘local practice news’, lost pets, staff news, cute puppies that came in for their jabs… Think what was the most exciting case/thing happening this week? – please remember that what is normal to Vets can be really interesting to clients!

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