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Facebook promotions can put your message and brand in front of your preferred audience with surgical precision. Skip the guessing game and talk straight to the people who matter.

Facebook Marketing

We know that sometimes you don’t always find the right content to post on your Facebook page or is difficult to find the spare time to do it.

We are here to help!

Our Facebook content is always written by our vets and has a great balance between information, relevance to your clients and visual impact. We write posts that are visually appealing, informative, scientifically accurate and specifically adapted to a pet-owner audience.

These posts are written by our company vets and have client education purposes, often acting as reminders for regular procedures (such as vaccinations) or as a call to action for other, possibly more serious conditions. A post about the most common signs of otitis might alert a viewer with a pet showing these symptoms, to the need of bringing his pet in to see the vet!

This type of content will make your practice’s Facebook page look more professional and it will show your viewers that you are constantly trying to help, providing good tips and advice about pet care.

What is included in our Service:

  • 15 updates per month - (image and text or a video plus text):

    • Client Education content created by Vet Inflow always written by a Veterinary Surgeon

    • Funny and engaging content – sensible messages in a fun format

  • Management of comments, messages and visitors posts (during work days and business hours according to a pre-approved protocol)

  • Monthly reports of your Facebook page performance

  • Flyers, posters and email consent forms… all designed and provided, to help increase Facebook ‘Likes’

  • 2 Facebook Apps in a 12-month period – set up, design, promotion and management all included.

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Give us a call
+44(0) 1793 384 069
or leave us a message