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An elegant all-in-one solution for bereavement support

Bereavement management is one of the most important parts of veterinary practice. As vets, we are tasked with making sure owners feel supported and cared for during their time of grief and because it’s such a delicate situation, you’ll need the best tools to handle it.


We’ve developed FORGET ME NOT, the bereavement app that allows you to provide a comforting space for your clients to celebrate the life of their pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Clients can create the profiles of their pets, add pictures and share them with their loved ones

Supported for use in your WEBSITE and Facebook page

Two different designs available, choose what best fits your practice’s profile

Design that is branded to your company

Fully set up by us

No practice input needed after it goes live

Our comprehensive FORGET ME NOT service includes:

Our app fully set up and ready to go on your website and Facebook page

A Branded Ad + Budget to launch it on Facebook

Complementary Printed Bereavement Board and Flyers to set up at the practice

Custom Made Periodic FB Posts + Promotional Budget to keep your community aware of your service

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